The power of AI. The ease of SaaS.

Our health is one of the most important aspects of our lives.  Yet, finding the right information, services, and products unique to our individual needs and interests can be overwhelming.  After experiencing these challenges in our own lives as parents, patients, and caregivers, we set out to build solutions that were smarter and centered on helping healthcare consumers easily get the right, relevant, and personalized information they need.

Our platform personalizes health education and information, and tailors recommendations, such as digital health apps, consumer services, and healthcare products, to the needs of the individual.  Our patent-pending technology empowers more understanding, drives more active and frequent engagement, and opens more access to what we need and want to find our best health.

CareNexis patient education resources. Diabetes illustrated.

Personalized Health Education and Care Planning Tools

Relevant, trusted, extensive health education and care planning resources, tailored to individual needs and profiles.  Our solutions make it easy to help people understand conditions, make informed decisions, and manage their health.

Informed consumers are more actively engaged in managing their health.

Curated Health and Wellness Content

Optional module.  Customers can choose from a broad range of curated content tailored to unique patient interests, including diet and nutrition, fitness, wellness, and other lifestyle content.  

If available, customers can link existing data warehouses and maximize the value of existing content.

CareNexis recommendations across six dimensions of care.

Consumer Health Recommendations

Optional module.  We focus on helping navigate and understand services, apps and products across six dimensions of care, helping consumers find the right resources and options for individual health needs.

If desired, CareNexis enables healthcare teams to play a roll in this process through integrated workflow solutions that provide a method to order information and consumer health options ideally suited to individual needs.

The CareNexis Digital Health and Patient Engagement Platform.

Making Connections. Delivering Value.

We organize and manage consumer health solutions across six dimensions of care, delivering experiences tailored and personalized to individual needs and preferences.

We are not reinventing healthcare.  We are creating a path to knowledge and resources that healthcare consumers want and need to find their best health.