Providing personalized, trusted, and timely health information throughout the healthcare journey is more important than ever.

It is difficult, even for large organizations, to manage rapidly changing technologies and content, balance the costs and business model requirements, and ensure KPIs are measured and met.

That is where we come in.  We make it easy to implement digital consumer health experiences that deliver on your business objectives.  Explore our products or set up a demo to learn how we can help your organization better engage, educate, and activate healthcare consumers at the point of care, when shopping for health products, and while reading and researching health concerns.

products and solutions

Personalized patient engagement and education made simple. Automatic solution deploys in hours.

Personalized Patient Education Made Simple

 -- Includes complete health reference library

 -- Population health tools & education resources

 -- Personalized care recommendations

Engage, Educate & Activate Healthcare Consumers

Engage, Educate, and Activate Healthcare Consumers

-- Supercharge health eCommerce experiences and conversions

-- Empower health content with intelligent health information

-- Automatically analyze, classify, and tag health content

Solutions by Customer Type:

Healthcare and HIT

Healthcare and HIT

Healthcare and HIT

CareNexis improves patient engagement, drive increased activations, and improve health outcomes.

Personalizing Patient Engagement

Improve care through personalized connections with patients and families using our complete, turn-key patient engagement and education solution. 

Health eCommerce

Healthcare and HIT

Healthcare and HIT

CareNexis tools improve product data, enhance ecommerce listings, and driver higher conversions.

Improving User Experience and Conversions

Automatically enhance product data and content, cross-link products, gain competitive insights, and provide users with contextual and trusted health information.

Health Publishing

Healthcare and HIT

Health Publishing

CareNexis tools help health publishers save time and money, while driving increased revenue.

Empowering  Content and Driving Revenue

Save time and money by automatically tagging and crosslinking content, implement intelligent reference cards to enhance the user experience, and keep readers engaged.