Why We Exist

Our health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet finding the right information, services, and products unique to our individual needs and interests can be overwhelming.  After experiencing these challenges ourselves as parents, patients, and caregivers, we set out to build smarter solutions that center on helping healthcare consumers easily get the right, relevant, and personalized information they need.  

The CareNexis Digital Health Platform personalizes patient engagement and consumer health experiences, tailoring information and care recommendations to the needs of the individual.  Our patient engagement and consumer health information products are built to healthcare consumers find their best health.

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management Team

Daniel West

Daniel West, CEO, CareNexis

Founder and CEO

Ken Sanders

Ken Sanders, CTO, CareNexis


Alex Frates

Alex Frates, CPO, CareNexis

Co-Founder CPO

Select Partners

The largest consumer health products supplier.
Healthwise and CareNexis have a powerful partnership combining best in class content and technology.
AMA content and CPT codes are part of the CareNexis platform.
Nextgen / Medfusion uses CareNexis for personalized patient education.


David Gardner

David Gardner, adviser, CareNexis

Founder and Managing Partner

Cofounders Capital

Bill Pully

Bill Pully, adviser, CareNexis

President Emeritus

North Carolina Hospital Association

Lori McLean

Lori McLean, adviser, CareNexis

Vice President

Meducation at First Databank (FDB)