Supercharge E-commerce experiences with Ref.Health by CareNexis.

Supercharge your Consumer Health Experience


CareNexis Ref.Health™ provides dynamic content widgets that instantly activate relevant, contextual health information and education for:

  • E-commerce providers
  • Specialty and general content publishers
  • EHR/Patient Portal providers
  • CPG brands and manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Digital health environments

Enhance User Experiences

Convert static information and descriptive text into rich, intelligently linked health education content.  Instantly & effortlessly.  

Improve Relevance

Contextual health information dynamically linked to a broad range of keywords and semantic phrases.  Request sample taxonomy.

100% Automated

Deliver world-class engagement and education with no additional workload or maintenance processes.

Trusted Content

We work with trusted clinical content partners to deliver fact-based, accurate, and up to date information.

Easy to Deploy

Be up and running in hours with our health widget solution configured to fit any commerce, publisher, or consumer health environment.

Learn More

See how CareNexis Ref.Health™ works and schedule a pilot.

consumer health experiences that drive value

E-commerce Providers

Help consumers more easily understand products and services, and increase conversions.

A great content experience makes all the difference when shopping online.  Improved content and context drive conversions.

Content Publishers

Unlock the value of content by linking relevant keywords, concepts, and phrases to references.

Unlock value from digital content by enabling keyword, concept, and phrase reference links. A must-have for increasing ad conversions.

Health Care / Digital Health


Instantly turn "patient engagement" into a more robust experience by activating conditions, keywords, medical codes, & more.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies instantly provide relevant health information based on RX and other codes.

Customers have questions, you have answers. Instantly display the most relevant health content so everybody benefits.

Easy to deploy

Step 1: Request API Key

CareNexis Ref.Health™ is easily implemented.  Contact us for your API key to get started.

Step 2: Review Documentation

Customers can decide what components to implement in their user experiences.

Step 3: Implement Ref.Health Widget

Wherever links are desired, make an API call to the CareNexis Ref.Health™ API with content configuration options identified in Step 2.  Widgets can be branded to fit existing UI and Uex.

Step 4: Process Libraries

Process data: product databases, service descriptions, content libraries, and more.  Contact us to discuss your content and backlog.

Step 5: Go Live

Deploy your health widget enabled experiences. 

Analytics and Insights

Available via API or optional user dashboard.  Contact us to discuss your analytics environment and implementation.