Ref.Health™ for publishers


Supercharge your UX and KPIs:

Automatically tag, index, and optimize content by condition

  • Activate health-related text
  • Configure desired user experiences with easy to use tools 
  • Option to include revenue-generating commerce links
  • 1400+ health conditions covered, 140,000 keywords, and all medical codes across multiple code systems 
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Ref.Health™ for e-commerce


Activate content and drive metrics that matter:

  • Conversions
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Average Order Size
  • Abandonment
  • Net Promoter Score
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Ref.Health™ Features

Enhance User Experiences

Convert static information and descriptive text into rich, intelligently linked health education content.  Instantly & effortlessly.  

Improve Relevance

Contextual health information dynamically linked to a broad range of keywords and semantic phrases.  Request sample taxonomy.

100% Automated

Deliver world-class engagement and education with no additional workload or maintenance processes.

Trusted Content

We work with trusted clinical content partners to deliver fact-based, accurate, and up to date information.

Easy to Deploy

Be up and running in hours with our health widget solution configured to fit any commerce, publisher, or consumer health environment.

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