CareNexis Engagement Cloud Powers Experiences Consumers Want

Trusted Health Education

CareNexis delivers personalized health education natively within any app or website

Evidence-based health information and education from trusted content partners like Healthwise, AMA and more.

Curated Health Content

CareNexis provides curated content that can be opted in or out based on desired end user experience

Wellness, diet & nutrition, lifestyle and more from a growing list of trusted content partners, oriented to unique health interests and care plan requirements.

Services, Apps and Products

CareNexis provides OTC personal care and health product recommendations based on unique requirements

Close gaps in care planning and continuity with consumer services and products, all tailored to the individual needs.

Trusted Advice and Live Support

CareNexis Trusted Advice for digital health products, applications, services, OTC health products.

Live support and trusted advice on digital health products, apps and services.  

CareNexis Engagement Cloud Modules

CareNexis mobile experience, standard with the CareNexis Engagement Cloud

Evidence-based Health Education and Information

We work with leading providers of evidence based health content to deliver information and education that is accurate, up to date, and highly cross-referenced.

Consumer Health Content

We help drive better engagement with more frequency, duration, consumption and other key metrics of  engagement.  We deliver personalized healthy lifestyle content covering diet and nutrition, lifestyle, current news and more.

Consumer Health Services, Apps and Products

We provide recommendations that make finding, trying and buying the right products and services easier, accurate, and trustworthy.  We aim to remove the guesswork, time drain, and lack of  and fear associated for shopping for the right products.

Trusted Advice

We provide live and AI-assist support to answer questions related to recommendations and help consumers navigate options and find the right answers.