patient engagement and consumer health experiences

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The CareNexis Platform is designed to deliver market-leading patient engagement and consumer healthcare experiences within healthcare provider, healthcare payer, E-commerce, and digital publishing environments. 

Content and Data Sources:

  • Text, video, graphics and interactive content
  • Trusted content partners, including Healthwise for fact-based, clinical health content
  • Over 30 trusted, curated consumer health and healthy living content partners
  • Healthcare products from the largest health products portfolios
  • The CareNexis platform can also ingest, tag, and classify customer content, such as libraries of articles, videos, and other information

CareNexis Platform:

This is where the magic happens.  We Code:Lock all information using our proprietary process. 

Digital Health Solutions:

  • For Healthcare Providers: Turnkey, personalized patient education solutions with features and functionality that drive activation, engagement, insights, and improved outcomes.  Available clinical curation and engagement management tools help providers better understand and manage patient interaction, behavior, and outcomes.

  • For Retail and E-commerce Providers: Dynamic and relevant health information and education to enhance user experiences and drive engagement and conversions. 

  • For Publishers: Dynamic and relevant health information and education unlocks the value of content, enhancing the user experience, driving deeper engagement, and supercharging revenue initiatives.

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The CareNexis Platform and solutions are easy to deploy, effortless to maintain, and provide the flexibility and convenience of SaaS.  

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